Webscape Study

Fred Buhr with web analytics guru Avinash Kaushik

Fred Buhr with web analytics guru Avinash Kaushik

Do you know how a Web Usage Study can make a difference to your web site?

Learn how your web site compares in terms of traffic, retention and conversion to your competitions’ sites.

This data  is a great starting point to build, re-shape or change your online strategy.

Our Webscape study is not only a competitive benchmark but a comprehensive study of the eco-system in which your site is living and evolving.

It is comprised of a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape.

It will germinate data points from your competitor’s trials and errors , and allow you to make strategic moves accordingly.

Our Webscape study will inform you on what kind of sites your visitors are interested in before or after they have visited your site, who your most profitable visitors are, how to get more of them and how to retain them by looking at your current audience and benchmarking it against that of your competition.

Our Free Webscape Study will include:

–         Traffic, retention and conversion estimations for your industry + your top 3 competitors and top 3 affinity sites.

–         Quick usability assessment of your web site against one competitor.

–         Recommendation on level of traffic and conversion.

–         Keyword Gap analysis for major keywords on top tier search engines and level of indexed pages versus competition.

–         Short term strategy recommendations for SEM campaigns and SEO optimization

Our Full Webscape Study includes but is not limited to:

–         Detailed Analysis of your Traffic Report/Dashboard (Analytic Tool or Logs)

–         Definition of Most Profitable Source of Traffic

–         Benchmark with 5 Competitive Sites (Traffic, Retention, Conversion, Demographics)

–         Comparison with 5 Affinity Sites (Traffic, Retention, Conversion, Demographics)

–         Thorough Usability Assessment Conducted by Phone with Target Users

–         Geographic and Demographic Study

–         Strategic Brief on Most Profitable Segment of Visitors and How to Increase this Audience Share

–         Short Term and Medium Term Strategy Recommendations for Site Redesign, Content Display,  Search Engine Marketing, Acquisition Marketing….

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