Design & Usability

What are the good reasons for redesigning a web site?

  • Declining conversion rate despite traffic influx
  • Not adapted to brand mission and promise
  • Not optimized for back end
  • Obsolete design, architecture and content management
  • Product centric
  • Stuck at the wrong place in the buying cycle

After years of experience designing eCommerce sites that are proven to convert we found that to empower your web design and refine usability, you need to first reveal the primary value of your business.

Please Note: NMM does not recommend major website renovations but focuses on iterative incremental changes and add-ons that will refine rather than disrupt an existing audience’s experience.  All directives will be backed by solid data and methodically measured.

Our methodology assures that the final design and overall usability of a redesign will shower a higher conversion rate for your goals.

–         Discovery Meeting / Call with Stakeholders*

–         Analysis of Recent Online Surveys (exit, post-purchase etc…)

–         Comprehensive Webscape Study via Analysis of Competitive Landscape

–         Phone Interviews with Panel of Visitors*

–         Conceptualization of Profitable Customers into Personas

–         Persona Centric Definition of New Design, Content and Features*

–         Optimization of New Content for Search Engines

–         Identification of Previous Visitors with New Persona Models

–         Definition of a New Site Map for  Personas

–         Production of New Wire Frames for Personas

–         Design of 3 Version of  “Mock ups” for Personas

–         Finalization of Design and Coding of Templates

–         Delivery of Functional Prototype for Final Validation

–         Customer Validation and A/B testing

–         Optimization according to Test Results

–         Delivery of Final Version of Site for Integration in CMS

(*) These projects may be conducted individually

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