Social Media

The revolution will be tweeted

The revolution will be tweeted

Today the People are the Media!. Many clients report higher traffic coming from links displayed on Facebook than on the Google Ad Network. Youtube traffic is #3 worldwide. Who ever imagined that Twitter would become the phenomenon it is today, simply by combining instant communication and search.

Moreover, Myspace is still holding strong and consumer forums are more trusted by consumers than companies own product information…

Our social media optimization process will analyze what platform(s) would best reach your target market, extending the reach of your marketing campaign.

Our Social Media Optimization Methodology:

–         Discovery Meeting / Call with Stakeholders*

–         Comprehensive Social Media Study Adapted to Target Market (Competitive and Gap Analysis)

–         Status Meeting / Call with Stakeholders

–         Social Media Strategy Recommendation*

–         Status Meeting / Call to Define Project Integration, Scope and Budget

–         Delivery of a Social Media business plan

–         Implementation Kick Off

–         Delivery of Creatives and Implementation on Platforms

–         Training of In House Resource or/and NMM can also be hired to manage Social Media campaigns on a retainer basis.

(*) These projects may be conducted individually.

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