Affiliate Marketing

Your Sales force at 5000 strong with No Overhead!

CJU the affiliate marketing event of the year

CJU the affiliate marketing event of the year

We have been working with Commission Junction and other affiliate marketing platforms since 2002. Affiliates can be the best or the worst distribution channel of your company, it all depends how you set up the network and manage it.

Our methodology will separate the good from bad and ensure that your affiliates will not engage in fraudulent activities, hamper your branding efforts or disturb your SEM Strategy.

–         Discovery Meeting / Call with Stakeholders*

–         Analysis of Recent Online Surveys (exit, post-purchase etc…)

–         Comprehensive Affiliate Study (Competitive Analysis of Major Affiliate Networks).

–         Status Meeting / Call with Stakeholders

–         Affiliate Strategy Recommendation*

–         Status Meeting / Call to Define Project Integration, Scope and Budget

–         Delivery of Affiliate Assets (Terms and Conditions, Content, Links, Ads, Newsletter)

–         Implementation of Assets on Selected Affiliate Network(s)

–         Training of In House Resource or/and NMM can also be hired to manage Affiliate Networks*

(*) These projects may be conducted individually.

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