The importance of good, memorable, fresh content.

Even in the middle age, content was King!

Even in the middle age, content was King!

Since 1998, the writing has been on the wall: “Content is King”, although we still find too many eCommerce sites being “laggards” and not “avant guardes” when it comes to producing good, un-duplicated and fresh content.

Content is what makes your site indexed and ranked well on Google. Content is what piqued the curiosity of a searcher, convinced a visitor to use your site and converted her into a profitable customers.

It is hard to produce content, executives at every major newspapers, magazines,  TV channels  or radio shows will tell you.  They have 100’s of content producers on their payrolls, yet they struggle to find the content that will make a difference .

If you don’t have any talent for the production of content or cannot hire it to unravel a steady stream of good content, you can go the aggregation way.  Do not just aggregate, you should repurpose,  filter or deploy content differently such as to bring added value to your users.

It’s easy to conclude: content makes money. Every digital marketing strategy should put the production and update of great content first. Content will bring traffic and traffic can be monitized.

My question: is how do YOU organize the sourcing, vetting , deployement and update of content on your site?

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