Move over Credit Score…Here comes the Driving Score!

Driving_ScoreWorking at Zubie, people often ask me about the future of driving (Hint: it is not only about self-driving cars).

There is a silent change in the making that will radically transform the way we buy, drive and resell cars and it is taking off right now.

Introducing your Driving Score.

The same way your credit score reflects the way you spend your money, your driving score will show the type of car owner you are.

There’s one big difference though and it is to the advantage of the driving score. You are in control at all time and can choose to share this information or not.

The first step in getting your driving score is to subscribe to an analytics platform that collects, store and analyze driving data.

Included in the service is a free device that you just plug in the diagnostic port of your car. Zubie is one of these services.

Once the device is activated, it starts sending driving data to your account in the cloud. For obvious privacy reason,this data should only be available to you.
It is important to choose a service that performs regular security audits and comes with a comprehensive privacy policy.

By connecting your car to this platform every piece of your driving data will be continuously collected trip after trip. Layers and layers of how, when, where and why you drive will be stored in the cloud day after day.

This information can be visualized on a phone, tablet or a web site. For people who’d like to become safer drivers or improve gas mileage this type of service very valuable but it is only the tip of the iceberg.

Your service should also have commercial relations with third party automotive suppliers and you may sign up to receive offers based on your car make and model as well as driving behavior. This is very similar to the Groupon app, only focusing on vehicle maintenance, extended warranty, road assistance and insurance.

Getting highly relevant offers that will save you money on car ownership is another great benefit and can make your subscription pays for itself.

Now, the true power of your driving score will materialize when you start shopping for a new car.

By just login to your account and activate a link, you will send your score to the automaker or auto retailer of your choice.
At that point they still won’t know who you are, this teaser will let them know that you are a potential and desirable customer.

On their end, retailers will scrub the preliminary data they just received from you, find that you have maintained your current car well and that your driving style is less likely to hurt the residual value of a potential lease or loan.

The dealership answers with a quote on this new model you’re after plus a trade in offer.

You like what you see, set up an appointment and drive off the lot with a big smile on your face.

Happy ending? Sure…But the story does not end here

First, knowing that you are using a driving analytic platform the dealer will now extend an offer on service and maintenance in exchange for getting real time information such as check engine lights and low battery alerts as soon as they are detected.

Armed with this information the dealer will know in advance when to schedule your car for service and what type of parts he needs to order to keep the vehicle running.

Driving analytics platforms like Zubie will pave with data the roads of the future. A future where you and your data will always be in charge.

Frederick Buhr
VP Sales&Marketing, Zubie.

Hadoop: the bid daddy of big data?


Just read a great article from Dan Woods in Forbes : “a quick guide to choosing the right way to use Hadoop”.

Normally, I would declare myself unfit to write or comment about technology but the eruption of Hadoop in the  enterprise software world is remarkable.  Every vendor is now grabbing a piece of the open source Apache based framework like if it was the new pill to cure the headaches of Big data.

But what does Hadoop offer to marketers?

  • Clickstream Data.  Just like the best analytics solutions out there, Hadoop can be tasked to analyze visits of a web site or mobile app and reveal how users engage with products and services and converts.  Big deal right? Wait! there’s more:    Hadoop can link clickstream data with other data sources like Call Center activity, CRM data on customer engagement and demographics, sales data from off line POS systems etc… CMOs of any brick and click corporations should already be riding the elephant.
  • For the record.  Remember the last time you were ambushed in a meeting? “How do this promotion fared this year compared with 2011?” Well, Hadoop scales easily so you can store years of data at low cost, then perform “archeological” digging. Imagine decades of clickstream data stored on cheap machines ready to be unhearthed… Ambush become a thing of the past and best of all ; when you dig up old data  you might discover a missing link in the evolution of your marketing campaigns.
  • Social media posts, blogs, online product reviews and customer support interactions provide the messiest data available to marketers. Sentimental or emotional data always come unstructured yet we absolutely need to analyze it to understand how consumers engage with our brands. Hadoop can be used to assign a score of positive, neutral or negative to every little piece of comments about your company or your products. By scoring and aggregating millions of interactions, Hadoop can scale sentiment and emotions in real time.
  • Easy and reproducible integration with existing BI or CRM systems even with a simple SQL database via proprietary frameworks. Messy anonymous or semi-anonymous social signals can be attributed to a particular customer or segment of customers.  Combine signals together to spot new trends in customer demand.

I am just scratching the surface here… Hadoop can also be the pill to cure marketers anxiety attacks when it come to big data. I strongly advise you to take a long and hard look at the yellow elephant. Maybe it will end up on your Christmas list this year.

Frederick Buhr

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